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Deutsche Bank REO properties offer a great opportunity for real estate investors to make real returns.  A familiarity with the policies and procedures followed by Deutsche Bank will help a savvy investor succeed in their residential real estate investments.

Deutsche Bank is an international financial behemoth with its headquarters in Germany. In United States, they have a large network providing multiple financing and banking services. Home mortgage loan underwriting, lending and servicing were the various functions of the mortgage market in which they played an active role.

The unprecedented boom and bust that transpired in the last decade has created significant losses to banks and borrowers. The low interest rates and lax lending guidelines followed by the lenders and banks led to a huge increase in home values across the country. People who in past couldn’t even qualify for a home loan in the past were being offered 100% no income no asset loans. Even home buyers and owners with spotty credit were being approved for investment loans. This entire boom in lending and property value growth had to come to a stop, which it eventually did in 2007. Over the next two years, credit crisis and recession further contributed to the property value declines all over US, especially in California, Florida, Nevada and Arizona.

Borrowers started to default on their home loans, which resulted in historic numbers of foreclosure filings. Most of these properties were repossessed by banks as they were offered insufficient bids at the foreclosure auctions. Properties that fail to sell for a satisfactory price, at a judicial or non-judicial foreclosure auction are repossessed and become part of Deutsche Bank REO property inventory. Such foreclosed properties are generally referred to as REO or “Real Estate Owned.” Deutsche Bank REO Listings for the most part consist of residential properties, especially single family homes.

Deutsche Bank REO homes are treated as non-performing real estate assets on their books. In addition to the losses suffered due to the foreclosure process and defaulted mortgage payments, Deutsche Bank also has to bear the costs associated with the maintenance of the property and property taxes along with Deutsche Bank REO Listing Agent’s fees for selling the property. Due to this, most of the major banks with a significant number of repossessed REO homes are eager and motivated to sell them at a price that is a significant discount to the market value.

Approaching the Internal REO asset management department, a qualified real estate professional can become a Deutsche Bank REO Listing Agent. The internal REO Department can be sometimes difficult to contact them, so persistence on the phone can payoff. Sometimes banks outsource specific functions of the delinquent property handling to outside REO vendors or external asset managers to handle functions such as cleaning and landscaping.

By purchasing Deutsche Bank REO properties, savvy real estate investors and home buyers can find bargains that can safely provide good returns on their investment through property value appreciation or rent income.

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